Be Memorable!

You are attending a business function and you know few people in attendance.  Maybe you’re nervous.  Maybe you have low self-esteem.  Maybe you feel uncomfortable introducing yourself to a room full of strangers.  But maybe…you’re ready to rock the room with unbridled enthusiasm and passion.  What if you were always memorable?

This e-letter has two homework assignments:

  1. Upgrade the answer to, “How are you?” When asked this question from strangers, colleagues or friends, tell each person asking, “I’m awesome!”  Say it with a toothy smile while looking them in the eye long enough to discern eye color.  Choose any greeting that will create a positive memory of your name and face.  Other possible answers to “How are you?” are… Incredible! Amazing! Two levels above awesome! Never been better! or any other retort that you call your own.  Be consistent.  Be enthused.  Be memorable. Showcase that you’re glad to meet them or see them.  Own your greeting!  You’ll be amazed at the response you’ll receive.
  2. As the attached video states, when providing your name to a stranger, make it memorable. By adding silence between your first and last name, the retention of your name increases 30-40 percent.  My name is Jim…Fannin.  Say your name like a 007 movie.  James…Bond!  If they don’t remember your name, you gave them no reason.

By upgrading your greeting and stating your name distinctly, slowly and with silence in between your first and last name, you will be memorable.

Have a Zone day!

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