Breathe Like A Baby™

Negative stress is rampant in America. What is negative stress? It is typically negative energy that is focused inward. This includes thinking negatively about your past, sometimes even replaying the same scenario over and over again in your mind. Thoughts such as “I can’t believe she said that to me” or “I wish I never went with him.” It’s also when you think negatively about how you look or feel as in “I don’t feel well” or “I’m so fat.”

In addition, any thoughts that you have regarding a loss of control can translate into negative stress. This happens when you are under severe time deadlines. Procrastination, indecisiveness and multi-tasking can also produce the feeling of a loss of control. Negative stress is now at your doorstep.

It is these types of thoughts that translate into negative energy that hides in the body. Specifically, this energy finds its way to the muscles of the body. Here they constrict the muscles and decrease blood flow, breathing and overall good health.

The scary part is that you may never see the connection between what you think and how you really feel. Negative stress can cause you to feel tired, fatigued, irritable, apathetic, angry, depressed and in extreme cases even suicidal.

You have more than 600 muscles inside of your body. This is where negative energy will eventually reside. Your muscles control breathing, blood flow, digestion and every move you make. You have conscious control of some muscles, while others operate without any thought at all.

There are three types of muscles within your body: smooth, cardiac and skeletal. You have no physical control over the operations of your smooth muscles. They are considered involuntary. Smooth muscles are responsible for involuntary actions in your body such as bladder function and digestion. Stress that lodges here can wreak havoc on your system. Smooth muscles are in your eyes to allow them to stay focused. Stress here can cause indecision, low concentration and eventual fatigue.

Your cardiac muscles, also involuntary, are responsible for blood circulation. Stress here can have dire consequences, especially over time. Heart attacks can definitely be brought on because of negative stress. This one we seldom see coming.
Your skeletal muscles are most likely what you think of when I say, “muscle.” These muscles are consciously controlled, or voluntary. They allow you to swing a golf club, throw a baseball and kick a soccer ball. Along with your bones, these muscles give your body power and strength. You are very aware of stress in your skeletal muscles. Pain in your lower back, jaw, neck or shoulders is an indicator of stress. Muscle relaxation techniques are great for relieving stress not only from these muscles, but your mind as well.

Are you aware when you feel stress in your involuntary, unconsciously controlled muscles? Tension headaches, muscle spasms, stomachaches, excessive perspiration and even bladder irregularities are all signs of stress in your smooth muscular system. Heighten your awareness to these indicators of negative stress.

Make relaxation a major part of your life. This will balance the peak performer and ultimate achiever in you. As you chase your dreams with self-discipline and concentration, you will need to keep a watchful eye on your relaxation and enjoyment. Think about what you think about. Be aware of negative thoughts. This will help keep your body negative stress free.

Breathe Like a Baby

Enjoy the above video of the Breathe Like A Baby technique (a 90-Second Rule tool).  Use it anytime you become aware of negative stress.

Be in the Zone!

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