Four Most Powerful Words

Self-esteem is what you believe others think about you.  Based on this, the following four words can positively impact the people you love and or care about.  They are…

“I believe in you.”

Within 30-minutes of sleep, delivering these four words can positively impact the optimism, confidence and self-esteem of a son or daughter and or your significant other.   Say them only once per night.  Lower your voice to a whisper and say, “I believe in you” by adding silence between the words.  Say it with conviction.  Say it with love. No need to qualify these words or expound on them.  Say it and leave their room or go to sleep yourself.

Four Powerful Words

These four words are recorded by the receiver’s subconscious mind and replayed 15-20 times throughout the night while they are in a deep sleep.   This is powerful!

Judiciously sprinkle the most powerful four words just before sleep and throughout the week. Positive change in the receiver’s optimism, confidence, belief, expectancy and self-esteem will occur within 7-10 days.  Be the positive influencer your family deserves.

Be in the Zone!

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