He’s Baaaack!

Yes, I’m back on air next week with new shows and more tools, tips, techniques, relevant stories and special guests.  After my annual, spiritual retreat to Sedona, Arizona and crisscrossing America meeting thousands of friends, clients and strangers, I am fired up to resume helping you attract the Zone in all you do.

What is the Zone? Everyone has experienced this state of peak performance.  From the golf course, academic classroom, sales presentation, and the board room, the Zone finds its mark on millions of performers every day.   The Zone state arrives during special moments in your life as well.  A wedding ceremony, sunset dinner, boat ride, or just being alone with that special person in your life are all Zone experiences. Do you know the Zone?


Reading a book can take you to this purposeful calm, Zone mindset.   Here you are present with the characters in a novel or you are applying personally what you’re reading in a motivational, self-help book.  The words on the page transform you into a movie setting where you become untethered from your personal life and away from its chaos.   You feel what the main character is feeling.  You are seeing through their eyes and feeling their emotion.

Since your subconscious does not know the difference from fantasy or reality you become immersed in the book’s action.  Fear, sadness, elation, joy, shock, pleasure and all other human feelings can flood your senses when locked in a Zone state while reading.

Then…your cell phone rings and you lose literary focus for a few moments.  You put the book down and change mental gears as you converse with the person that called.  After the call, you might resume in a Zone state or you may struggle to find the flow and might suspend your reading until another time.  You were in the Zone and now you’re not.

In the Zone you have clarity.  You are present.  Your imagination soars.  Intuition begins to guide your actions.  You will have more strength, quickness, balance, agility and speed.  Your positive energy flows away from you to objectives and targets.  Your awareness is heightened to an uncanny level.  A feeling that nothing can go wrong governs your belief system. In the Zone, your full potential can and will materialize.

There are many instances in everyone’s life when the Zone arrives without warning and it leaves just as swiftly like an uninvited guest.  Now you’re in it.  Now you’re not.  This peak performance mindset is not just for the superstar athlete.  It’s built into everyone’s personal DNA.  How do I attract it at will?  How do I attract it at the right time and place? How do I get it back after leaving this purposeful calm mindset?  How do I elongate its duration while incorporating the Zone in all I do?

All of these questions are answered (and more) during The Jim Fannin Show, America’s most positive podcast.  After a several months sabbatical, I’m back with renewed energy and focus and I’m primed and ready to help you be your genuine, authentic best self.

This next week (Thursday, June 13) I resume The Jim Fannin Show podcast with new episodes about the Zone and its myriad of attributes that can provide an edge in all you do.

The upcoming show is about intuition and you won’t want to miss it. Catch up on past podcast episodes and share them with your family, friends and colleagues at https://jimfanninsite.wpengine.com/jim-fannin-show/. Get ready for new stories, tips, tools and techniques to attract the Zone in all you do.

Be in the Zone!

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