Instant Optimism

Like a light switch your head can be raised in an up or down position.  Try this simple exercise when more optimism is swiftly needed:

Place a negative image or picture in your mind’s eye.  Sorry to have you do this, but the point of the exercise will be revealed within seconds.  This specific negative thought will stay with you the entire exercise. Now raise your chin above parallel and after a few seconds lower your chin to your chest…raise your head again in an upright position and lower it one last time.  Approximately, 75% of all of my audience members throughout the years reported the following: When his or her head was raised the negative image either disappeared or they had to conjure it back into their mind.  When their head was in a down position the negative thought was clear, robust and concise in their mind.  Try it.  See for yourself.

If you experienced what the vast majority of my audience members experienced, then the above Light Switch™ tool is for you.  Raise your head up when negatives appear or a negative just occurred.  An MLB pitcher uses the Light Switch™ just after he throws a pitch that is hit out of the ballpark.  A PGA and LPGA golfer raise his or her head after they hit a tee shot into the rough.

By raising your head to adversity you negate the chance of replaying the act or deed in a negative way.  You will also use this universal tool to find solutions to challenges.  Have a challenge?  Raise your head and look up to your right and the solution will more readily be forthcoming.

Here’s some real-life situations, conditions or circumstances when the Light Switch™ is appropriate:

  • You receive negative news by email or text.
  • You just missed an easy 4-foot putt.
  • You are ambushed with an unfounded accusation of wrong-doing by your significant other (I’m looking forward to your feedback).
  • You just double-faulted to lose your serve in tennis.
  • You are bowling your best game ever and you roll a 7-10 split.
  • Your monthly profit and loss statement just arrived and your forecast was not met.
  • Forty thousand opposing spectators just watched you strike out. (A-Rod raised his chin after every strikeout and the opposing fans didn’t like it…oh well).
  • Your youngest child brings home a failing grade.
  • You just spilled coffee on your shirt as you arrive to your meeting.
  • You have serious nervousness, doubts and uncertainty minutes before your important presentation.
  • You are meeting with a potential mortgage lender and you’re concerned about the outcome.
  • You become aware of not receiving good hands during your poker night.
  • Your unexpected phone call bears bad news.

Negative things happen even to the champion.  How you deal with it decides the outcome.  So….when confronted with a negative, use the Light Switch™ tool for instant optimism!

Be in the Zone!™

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