Music: Pipeline to the Zone

The Zone found me during a tennis match in Germany.  I played awesome and won.  Why did the Zone show up?  I was listening to music just before the match and I mentally carried the tune with me throughout my performance.  This scenario has been shared with me by hundreds of peak performers.

Music: Pipeline To The Zone

It’s is the steady rhythm of the beats of the song that inspires, motivates and encourages.  Check out most television images of athletes in pre-game mode and most are wearing headphones.  Like the soundtrack of a great movie, personal music can act as a soundtrack for your next performance.  Yes…music can be a swift pipeline to the Zone.

Within three minutes I was to be in front of an audience of 15,000 in Vancouver.  Swiftly my pre-performance soundtrack began its beat.  My heart song was playing in the mental background as I lowered my breathing to the Zone level of 6-8 breaths per minute.  With 20 steps to the stage I felt confident, relaxed and was ready to take  charge of the collective mindset of the audience as I announced, “My name is Jim Fannin.  I coach champions.  That’s why I’m here right now with you.”

Play music both to and from work.  Have music playing softly in the background before sleep and throughout time at home.  Obviously, select music that you love.  Play music that uplifts your spirit and ignites your passions.

Be in the Zone!

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