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40-Year Secrets To A Better Bottom Line.

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Are you the best you can be? Is your business in the Zone? The Zone mindset of peak performance is NOT just for the superstar athlete. It’s for any individual or team that wants a business edge over the competition.

Jim Fannin has coached the top business leaders and executives for over 35 years. His proprietary thought management system has found its way into 50 industries worldwide. Now this 2-set CD is packed with his wisdom, knowledge, techniques and tools that will impact your bottom line, while simplifying and balancing your life. From sales, management and leadership to small businesses and the Fortune 500, this information is a game-changer. Over 100,000 businessmen and women have used the BUSINESS IN THE ZONE content for record sales and profits.

Your investment in the BUSINESS IN THE ZONE 2-set CD will produce results. For over 35 years the best have had an edge over the competition. Now you will have an edge when you listen and use BUSINESS IN THE ZONE.

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