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Are you the best you can be? Do you consistently play your sport in the Zone when the game slows down and you know you’ll succeed? Over 500 of the world’s best athletes answered NO before they began working privately with Jim Fannin.

The Zone is NOT just for the superstar. Every athlete strives to perform in this peak performance mindset. It is this state where you play without fear or doubt. By applying the tools, techniques and knowledge of Sports in the Zone, you will learn to prepare, adjust and evaluate your performances like a world champion.

This double CD package contains a powerful thought management system that has been used successfully in nine professional sports and every amateur sport. From the World Series, Super Bowl, Masters, US Open, NBA Play-offs, Wimbledon, World Cup, Olympics and the NCAA Championships, this Zone attainment formula has worked. Period.

Here’s a few results from athletes using information from SPORTS IN THE ZONE:

  • 25 MLB All-Stars
  • 4 Cy Young Awards
  • 5 MLB MVP Awards
  • Olympic Gold Medalists
  • World’s #1 Professional Golfer
  • 9 Golfers won their 1st Pro Event
  • PGA Rookie of the Year
  • LPGA Major Champion
  • NFL All-Pros
  • NBA All-Stars
  • 22 College All-Americans
  • 7 National and 24 State Tennis Champions
  • 2 NCAA Men’s Golf Champions
  • 7 World’s Top 10 Ranking Tennis Players
  • French Open Champion
  • MLS Cup Team Champion
  • 4-time Wimbledon Doubles Champion
  • Major League Soccer MVP

This secret information has never been available in any printed, audio or video format until now. For over 35 years the best have had an edge over the competition. Now you will have an edge when you listen and use SPORTS IN THE ZONE. It’s time to play SPORTS IN THE ZONE!

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  • Physical CD mailed right to your door
  • Instant Download


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