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Sometimes you need to change your approach while competing. The following performance tools and techniques are simple and all are battle tested.  The question is, “Are you prepared to adjust and or adapt at the right time during a performance?” Changing strategy and tactics can swiftly alter any event.  This maneuver change requires low breaths per minute (under 10) while performing.  With slower and deeper breathing you will experience more mental clarity and the game will slow down.  You will more readily see what to do and when to do it.  Breathing comfortably while competing needs practice. Breathe.


Even with a calm, confident demeanor you may need to restructure your approach at any time.  Slowing down the pace or speeding it up has manifested seemingly improbable comebacks in every sport.  Changing your behavior from passive to aggressive or vice versa is also at the top of the list for reversing a losing performance.  This can confuse and de-energize the competition, as well as lift you to a Zone performance.  There are too many times to count when my clients have successfully altered their performances with these simple strategic and tactical changes.

Many strategies and tactics are sport, business or life specific.  Make a short list of your favorites. Visualize executing them in different scenarios and against specific opponents  and in various situations, conditions or circumstances.  Coupled with mental dress rehearsal, you will also need physical and or technical repetition of the basics.

The key to overcoming adversity while chasing goals and objectives is to be prepared to swiftly deploy one of your multiple strategical and or tactical options.  Some strategies and tactics are engaged, as soon as the performance begins.  Once in the performance, adjustments are made to thwart the opposition’s momentum or bolster your own. Many champions change tactical gears when the “money is on the table” or the contest is near its end.  Positivity is essential for the master tactician.

You may be required to adapt and adjust to changing conditions, circumstances and or situations at any time.  A simple, well-practiced strategy or tactic can provide a familiar constant which breeds confidence.

The person with the most constants
in a game of variables prevails.

Are you armed and equipped with strategies and tactics? Are you confident in your ability to execute?  Are you ready for the unexpected?  Are you ready to perform against a superior foe? Can you right a sinking ship?  Are you prepared to close a performance when the opposition has upped their game?

A well-timed different approach can provide renewed energy and purpose and it can de-energize and demoralize the competition.  Keep it simple and be decisive when your results need a boost.

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Be in the Zone!

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