See What You Want

Visualization is your most powerful tool. Over 50% of the average person’s waking hours are spent daydreaming about the challenges they have. Why not proactively think, daydream and visualize what you want in your life. You do have free will. You can think anything you desire. It’s time you envision what you want and eliminate thinking, daydreaming and visualizing what you DON’T want.

Approximately 83% of people visualize pictures and or mental movies as if they are seeing through their own eyes. Approximately 15% of people visualize as if they are looking down onto a movie set (typically from the right). Lastly, 1-2 percent of people report they can see nothing in their mind’s eye, although just thinking what you want still has an impact on manifestation.

The best at visualization add sounds, smells, tastes and feel to their visual mental movie.

Couple in an illustrated room.

Why does this work?  Your subconscious mind (that controls all bodily functions) does not know the difference between fantasy and reality.  That’s why you wake up from a nightmare sweating, eyes dilated, breathing labored and heart rate elevated even though there was no danger in your bedroom.  Your subconscious didn’t know fantasy from reality so it activated your body in response as if it was so.

The above short video has played out over my 45-year career will every client.  The situations, conditions and circumstances change but the process has remained the same.  If you haven’t already, watch it now.  You’ll learn how one of my famous clients used visualization to make the All-Star team and win a batting title.  Check it out!

See what you want.  See it as if it’s so, as it will be.

Be in the Zone!™

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