The Greatest Discovery!

For over 40 years, I have believed what’s in the above video and have adhered to its principles.  “Think about what you think about!” (especially in the last 30-minutes before sleep) is crucial for your well-being.

Make the contents of the video a nightly habit.  After 7-10 consecutive days of pre-sleep positivity, your subconscious will do anything and everything to manifest itself into its physical equivalent.  Synchronicity, serendipity and uncanny coincidence will be activated.  Get to work.  See for yourself. Make things happen!

There were two house rules when raising my two daughters.  Go to bed happy.  Get up happy.  These rules were a daily challenge. Now you know why they were so important.  Of course, when each daughter turned 13, I had to add a third rule.  Make sure Mom is happy or no one is happy.  Those crazy teenagers.  Yes, we don’t like what they say and do; however, we always love them!

Go to sleep happy.  Wake up the same.

Sleep in the Zone!

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