The Phone Booth™

The noise was deafening.  He could hear isolated voices of malice.  “You suck!”  A cacophony of “boo’s,” “sighs” and “Get a real job!” sounds rang throughout the stadium.  He was not in a friendly place.  This environment was hostile by the time he walked off the team bus to the on-deck circle.

When you’re facing one of the most difficult tasks in the world (hitting a baseball solid), antagonistic, aggressive and unfriendly remarks directed to you and your mother don’t help.  With a baseball speeding toward you at 95-97 mph and the good proposition that an off-speed pitch be thrown instead, your odds of success are minimal.  Succeed 30% of the time in getting a base hit and your ticket will be punched for the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

How do you level the playing field? How do you gather your thoughts and direct them to the task at hand?  How do you block out the negative noise.  Of course, if there’s an additional internal negative dialogue going on, you might as well email in your poor performance.  You have little chance of success.

Today, there is negative noise everywhere.  It’s not limited to sports in a competitor’s stadium.  There is negative noise ricocheting throughout the Internet.  It’s in the office.  It’s on the streets.  It can even find its way home. We hear it. We see it.  We feel it.  Never before have we had so much information pounded into our psyche.  Information overload is here to stay and it’s not all-good stuff.  Here’s a simple tool Fortune 500 CEOs, business owners, baseball players, tennis players, golfers and other athletes are doing.  And yes, it works anywhere and everywhere.

If you have a great imagination, this 90-Second Rule™ tool from the S.C.O.R.E.® Success System is for you. It’s called The Phone Booth™. Here’s how it works.

The Phone Booth™

Using your imagination, picture an imaginary glass “old school” phone booth on the golf course, in your office, on the baseball field or in the airport.  Now get in the booth. Once entrenched, nothing comes in. No swing thoughts.  No negative balance sheets. No bills.  No worries. No kids with drama. No relationship hassles. Nothing comes in without your permission. Here in this invisible glass encasement of positivity is an environment of cool.  No past tense thoughts in here.  No future tense thoughts allowed.  Regardless of the circumstance, situation or condition, remain positive inside your imaginary phone booth.  Temperature controlled.  Piped in awesome sound track.  Shielded from all outside distractions.  You see the crowd.  The crowd sees you.  But the crowd cannot come in. Thousands of times I implored my clients to “be alone in a crowd.”  This is how it’s done.  Cool, huh?

Blocking out distractions is vital for success.  Keeping your mind clear of negativity (especially internal thoughts of doubt or despair) will help send the positive energy needed to reach your goals.  The Phone Booth™ may do the trick.

The phone in the imaginary booth is symbolic for communicating with your inner voice.  Piped-in words of encouragement and inspiration come to mind.  Positive “I” statements are always good. “I’m awesome” is a favorite. All of these communications are intuitive and without words. There’s even a 911 emergency call possibility.  This is real. Of course, for my clients that’s my private cell number.

When stressed out and zoned out, go to The Phone Booth™.  Get in your glass cocoon of infinite possibility.  And as a bonus, you can leave The Phone Booth™  as The Man or Woman of Steel.   This, of course, is optional.

Be in the Zone!

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