Would you like to be your genuine, authentic best self?  Would like to perform at your best, especially during major events in your life?  Can you imagine extraordinary strength, quickness, speed, agility and balance?  What if you could see around hidden corners to give you uncanny insight on what’s ahead?  Wouldn’t that be a great advantage in business, sports and life? And what if you could eliminate worry, fear, doubt and anxiety as a by-product of being your mental and physical best?

Since 1974 I’ve dedicated my time, energy, money and life to researching the human phenomenon called the Zone.  There is a  “purposeful calm” feeling that nothing can go wrong once within the Zone mindset.  My need to understand the Zone began on the public tennis courts of Ashland, Kentucky.  I wanted to be a professional tennis player and I knew I needed to be my absolute physical, technical and mental best to achieve such a lofty dream.  Eventually I was fortunate to play and successfully coach on the professional level as I chased the elusive Zone around the world.

Once you have a Zone performance, the feelings attached to it become addictive (in a positive way).  How do I perform consistently in this peak performance mode?  In an interview with Michael Jordan, he told me, “I can put the Zone on like an overcoat.” We watched him perform his magic with the Chicago Bulls and he seldom disappointed.  How can I do that? How can we do that in all aspects of our life?

In the spring of 1974 I paid three Ohio State University professors and their colleagues to research super learning in children from the ages of 4-8 years old.  In this 18-month research, we discovered that we learn more information in the first 60-months (five years) of our life than the rest of our life accumulative.  Why is that?  Of course, we were in the Zone.

The Zone has many nicknames such as zoning, treeing, on fire, locked in, raking, blazing, on a roll, clickin’in the now, on all cylinders, playing out of your mind, tripping, ballin’, and dial-a-pitch to name a few.  What nicknames do you have for the Zone?

The Zone is the exact moment you perform with complete detachment from the possibility of failure. This present tense performance style sets aflame the physical faculties of your body. Your mind and body are fully alert and hungry for action. In this high-octane state of mind and body synergy, you are so well focused on attaining your goal that only when you step out of it do you realize that it felt like a vacuum.

When in the Zone you perform with no feelings or sentiments of the past or future to detract you because you perform solely in the moment. Without a conscious thought you concern yourself only with the task at hand. Nothing stands between you and your goal when you reach the Zone.

The value of the Zone is priceless. The rewards myriad. The biggest cost in goal attainment is your investment of time.

Here are a few Zone performer (Zoniac) benefits. You may encounter the following.

  • Quantity of thoughts reduced by 30-40% with the remaining thoughts all positive
  • Retention of information from reading, listening and or viewing is maximized
  • Possession of inordinate strength, speed, agility, balance, and quickness
  • Time seems to stand still. Activities may appear to be in slow motion
  • Ability to stay in the present for long periods of time with heightened awareness
  • Total elimination of negative thoughts that cause worry, anxiety, fear, and doubt
  • Mental endurance is elongated
  • Uncanny ability to instantly recall information from memory
  • Ability to harness the sixth sense. Although scientific evidence for the sixth sense remains elusive, the following uncanny Zone attributes have been experienced by hundreds of my clients and myself over four decades. They are:
    • Intuition: capacity to obtain or have direct knowledge and/or immediate insight, without observation or reason. My research has shown intuition is receiving real-time information that your conscious mind does not possess. It’s the “gut feeling” you get. My clients often place an enormous amount of faith on their intuition, even making decisions that seem to go against all available evidence.
    • Remote viewing: practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target in “real time”, purportedly using extrasensory perception or “sensing” with the mind
    • Telepathy: communication with another person by thinking rather than using words or other signals
    • Proprioception: perception of body position, which is important for balance and agility in movement
    • Precognition: ability to actually perceive or see a future event through extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance, before it happens.
    • Psychokinesis: ability to change the state or position of a physical object, using only the power of the mind
    • Telesthesia: ability to know that something has happened or is in a place without using hearing, seeing, touch, taste or smell 
  • Swiftly recover from illness or injury. In fact, my professional athlete clients have recovered up to 50% sooner than their trainers and or doctors have expected
  • Look and feel younger than your actual age
  • Withstand serious professional/ personal setbacks and or unpredictable challenges
  • More effectively lead a group or team to maximum productivity and results
  • Manage work-life balance
  • Be the best “significant other’ you can be
  • Parent at the highest level with marked results
  • Enjoy a more productive, longer quality of life

Here’s what physically happens once in the Zone:

The end game of successful living is to have the most simple, positive, and enjoyable days. Developing a mindset that can withstand all of life’s challenges while enjoying the fruits of productivity is the quest.

Living in the Zone mentally, physically
and spiritually is possible now!

Okay…how do I get in the Zone?  The S.C.O.R.E.® Success System is the only proven thought management formula for attracting the Zone.  This self-management system has found success in over 50 industries, 10 professional sports, every amateur sport, as well as hundreds of academic classrooms and thousands of family’s homes around the world.  The “how to” of attracting the Zone is contained in my books  S.C.O.R.E.® for Life (Harper Collins),  The Blueprint: A Proven Plan for Successful Living (Post Hill Press) and The 90-Second Rule audio program (90secondrule.com). For more information on S.C.O.R.E.® go to jimfannin.com/score.

Be in the Zone!

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