Think Like A Champion – Take Mental Inventory!

Optimism is the glue that holds our dreams intact and ensures their manifestation.  On the other hand, pessimism or thinking negatively is the wrecking ball that systematically destroys the innocent dreams of a child, the aspirations of a graduating student, the confidence of a promising athlete, the ambition of an entrepreneur and the hope of a senior citizen’s retirement. Are you optimistic in all you do?

We are all awake.  However, we are NOT all aware.  Take inventory of your thoughts from the time you awoke today until you finish this article. Have you thought about the past?  Was it positive or negative?  Did you have future thoughts?  Were they positive or negative?  Have you replayed the same negative thought as in “I hate this weather!” or “I have so many bills and not enough cash!”  Be aware.

Think about what you think about!

The champion is well-prepared.  In fact, he or she is the best prepared performer.  Once they have a blueprint for their performance, day, week, month, quarter or year, they lock-in their focus on the task at hand.  They become present.

The champion’s awareness is both external and internal. With a plan tucked under their arm, they are aware of the potential and real challenges, obstacles, and roadblocks.  They are aware of their competitor’s next move and adjust or adapt with uncanny precision and speed. They are always a step ahead. With extreme awareness, their mind becomes an impregnable fortress with vigilant sentries protecting their optimism against any and all intruders and or intrusions. Are you vulnerable to a psych-attack?  Be aware.

Are you internally aware? These attacks on your mental well-being can be self-inflicted and self-imposed as in, “I am an idiot” or “My putting stinks” or any other self-deprecating statement.

With positive self-awareness you can deploy psych-security that repels negatives when they arrive such as gossip, rumor, hearsay, self-sabotaging thoughts, verbal put downs, bullying, or victim thoughts regarding unfavorable conditions, circumstances and or situations. A negative thought that penetrates your mind is a security breach.  This opens further risk to optimism hackers and saboteurs.

Here’s your mission:

  • Set your phone alarm every two hours as in 8AM, 10AM, 12 Noon, 2PM, and etc.
  • When the alarm sounds, assess if you had any negative thoughts since your last alarm. If yes, did you replay these thoughts more than twice?
  • Were there any negative thoughts about your future?
  • Were any thoughts positive and congruent with your visions and dreams?
  • Next…Clear your mind or Re-Boot after your assessment.
  • Envision your primary life, business or sports vision or dream.
  • Raise your chin above parallel (Light Switch tool) and state (silently) a positive affirmation directed to your vision or dream. “I am awesome” or “I am accurate” or “I’m healthy” works.
  • “Next!” is your battle cry.
  • Now get back into the moment until your next alarm by focusing your mental and physical energy on the next task at hand.
  • Repeat throughout the day every two hours (Assessment can be accomplished in 90-seconds or less).

Take periodic mental inventory of your thoughts.  Your quest is to think positive while eliminating all thoughts that produce feelings of fear, worry, anxiety, despair, frustration, disappointment, jealousy, envy, apprehension, uneasiness, nervousness or discomfort.

The best in the world think 30-40 percent less than the average person.  With less thought they can hold their positive thoughts longer.  This is where the peak performance Zone resides.  Sometimes you need to think about what you think about.  Be aware.

Be in the Zone!

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